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Assembling cube geometry

Kód 039
Hmotnost230 g
Rozměry80x85x65 mm
learning toy, building set
EAN 8594001360390
Povrchnatural / colour-embossed
Věkod 3 let
Počet hráčů1
Počet dílů20
Délka hry5 - 15 min.
Dostupnost In Stock
Price 299

A learning aid and a building set in one. This Assembling Cube is a wooden learning aid for teaching the basic geometric shapes: a circle, triangle, square, and a hexagon. The packaging contains miniatures of these pictures that serve as a helpful hint! This puzzle, however, literally provokes children to create their own combinations of these shapes while developing their imagination. All pieces can be taken apart and then assembled back again into the shape of a cube. While playing with this Assembling Cube a child develops his/her fine motor skills, spatial relation, problem solving with critical thinking and memory. Blocks are manufactured from first-class beech wood which ensures their durability.