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MIKTOYS - czech made wooden toys

Brain teasers----

Card symbols

Kód 089
Hmotnost80 g
Rozměry35x35x40 mm
educational brain teaser
EAN 8594001360895
Povrchnatural / colour-embossed
Věkod 5 let
Počet hráčů1
Počet dílů5
Délka hry5 - 30 min.
Dostupnost In Stock
Price 129

Aesthetically appealing, pocket-sized brain-teaser suitable as a gift to every card-player. The objectives of this brain teaser are twofold: 1. remove parts from the string, 2. put together parts so that they display complete card symbols according to the master. This brain teaser is made from high quality beech wood into which are embossed with special technology the symbols of cards.