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MIKTOYS - czech made wooden toys

Brain teasers----


Kód 092A
Hmotnost110 g
Rozměry65x130x25 mm
educational brain teaser
EAN 8594001360925
Povrchwater-based paint / varnish
Věkod 4 let
Počet hráčů1
Délka hry5 - 15 min.
Dostupnost In Stock
Price 199

The author of this brilliant puzzle is famous Hungarian architect Ernö RUBIK. Snake sharpens your thinking about shapes and spaces and develops your imagination. The puzzle consists of 24 identical wooden segments interconnected by a rubber string. Through their twisting you can create variety of shapes from simple line through a dog to more complicated three-dimensional shapes such as a snowflake and many others. An inspiration can be sought for example on YouTube.