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Brain teasers----


Kód 128A
Hmotnost150 g
Rozměry60x60x60 mm
educational brain teaser
EAN 8594001361281
Povrchwater-based paint / varnish
Věkod 5 let
Počet hráčů1
Počet dílů7
Délka hry15+ min.
Dostupnost In Stock
Price 319

The SOMA puzzle was invented by a Danish scientist and poet Piet Hein in 1933 during a lecture on quantum mechanics conducted by a Nobel prize physicist Werner Heisenberg. The puzzle consists in the assembly of a pre-defined geometrical shape from seven simple pieces. The basic shape of a cube can be made in 240 independent ways. Aside from cubes, there are thousands of other interesting shapes worth assembling. Enjoy the