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MIKTOYS - czech made wooden toys

Brain teasers----


Kód 125
Hmotnost70 g
Rozměry45x60x45 mm
educational brain teaser, building set
EAN 8594001361250
Povrchwater-based paint
Věkod 5 let
Počet hráčů1
Délka hry5+ min.
Dostupnost In Stock
Price 259

New Windows puzzle entertains by the possibility of creation numerous 2D and 3D shapes. Thus it develops spacial visualisation and imagination of the player. It was named after a well-known Operational System whose logo resembles the initial 2D shape of the puzzle. Instructions for the assembly of initial 2D and 3D shapes as well as illustrations of other solutions are included inside the package. What other shapes can you find?